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You can never go wrong with minimal cute pendants. They look delicate but emit grace. Adorn yourself with one today.

  • A Little Dog with a Ball Pendant

    ₹ 329.00

    This is perfect for all the dog lovers out there, it's a plain cute design of a sitting dog who like a good boy just brought back the diamante ba...

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  • Half-in-half heart Drop Pendant

    ₹ 450.00

    This valentine day special pendant which has a half heart shaped like a drop and the other embellished with diamanté. It's a perfect example of t...

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    Adorned Butterfly Pendant

    ₹ 219.00

    Beautiful cute little pendant with one half embellished with diamanté, it has a designer twisted chain adding all the more charisma. It's beautif...

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  • Rising Star Pendant

    ₹ 279.00

    This Rising Star pendant is a keepsake and a gentle reminder for you to 'aim for the stars'. It has one big star adorned with lots of clear stone...

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  • Hearty Hope Pendant

    ₹ 399.00

    This lavish yet simple delicate beauty comes with shiny embellished diamante set in heart shape, half of it are square shaped diamanté and the ot...

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    Winged Heart Pendant

    ₹ 369.00

    Let all your heart's desire fly to new heights and let the world know by showcasing this beautiful minimal piece on your neck. It's a perfect gif...

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