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Everyday Wear

Everyday life no matter how hectic demands you to have your best foot forward, sharpen your look by adding these pieces in your jewelry collection.

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    A Little Dog with a Ball Pendant

    ₹ 329.00

    This is perfect for all the dog lovers out there, it's a plain cute design of a sitting dog who like a good boy just brought back the diamante ba...

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    Sunflower Chakra Studs Earrings

    ₹ 479.00

    Bling out your inner shine with this beauty and project your brightness. It's a perfect piece for a date night, marriage functions or when you wa...

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    Elated Drop Earrings

    Original price ₹ 290.00
    Current price ₹ 249.00

    A little fish with a big tail dangler with design etched as the skin of fish onto a beautiful copper design. Style it with an outfit with a twist a...

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