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Self-care during COVID-19 lockdown

Self-care during COVID-19 lockdown

*Sitting in the office* 'I really miss my family wish I could stay with them for the month and work from home'

'I really don't feel like going to office today can't it come to me'

'When did life become so stressful will I never get a break from all of this'

and so on...

Weren't many of us cribbing about these things and much more? Now with coronavirus spreading, we all have been given the gift of time, don't you think we should embrace it positively?

Take this COVID-19 time to cool off some steam and rejuvenate yourself. Spend some quality time with your family because they are the reason you have been working so hard. Connect with yourself again, with your goals, and your purpose in life.

Find happiness in the little joys of life as they can't ever be taken from you.

Now with all the extra time in hand, we give you ways to be productive:-

Read a book

Dust off your books in the nightstand and take up reading again.

Have a board game night

We rarely spend quality time with family, make sure to get all the fun now.

Clean out your closet

Now you have to do it, you can't keep procrastinating it forever.

Self pamper day

Give your skin, hair some love they deserve.

Do some yoga

As Gym are closed it doesn't have to result in weight gain.


We know it's a stressful time but meditate to keep yourself positive.

Help your mother/ wife/ sister

As you can see there is an increase in household work so do help them and divide the work.

Try a new hobby

Take up any new thing be it painting, a new language, guitar. Be as productive as you can be.

Check off your procrastinating list

Complete that one dreaded task you have been putting off trust me it'll be so refreshing.

Build a new habit

It is said it takes 21 days to build a habit, so use this time to pick it up.

Get ready and have a date night at home

Dress up and stay in for a date with your spouse, put your creative romantic muscle to test.

Netflix and chill

We all know this doesn't need any explanation.


Binge-watch your favourite series

There is no joy greater than watching your favourite show again and again.

Try and make that new cuisine

Craving your favourite food? Try and make them at home with the supply you already have.

Enhance your skills

Take this extra time to level up your skills, there are ample of tutorials available, all you need to do is search.

Challenge yourself

To push up your creativity and productivity time up your every activity.

    Now you may indulge in anything you want but don't do anything that might hamper you or anyone around it is a serious time and we all must take precautions. Be a hero you always wanted to be. To have all the legitimate COVID-19 information checkout here

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