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Humanity is in our hands

An Open letter for each and every individual

Dear Human,

It's been long since we had our last word,
Somewhere along the path, you forgot to take me with you

I miss being connected to you, and you cannot deny that I am a part of you, the very existence of you is defined by me but you are forgetting it somehow. Please bring me back into your life.

Today's challenging desperate times call for a new you. I don't expect you to be more productive, or be at peace, content or a warrior. I just want you to be more empathetic. I want you to embrace all your emotions be it rage, helplessness, loneliness, anxiety and accept and embrace that others might be dealing with the same. I don't expect you to be in everyone shoes but accept that everyone path life journey and difficulties are unique, but you can be more inclusive in each life.

I understand you are standing where you never thought you would be locked and caged, no uncertainty of tomorrow just surviving but that doesn't mean you can take advantage of those who you have always caged by you. 

I know it kills you that you lost your job, that your business might shut down or you so far off your life path that survival feels a challenge to you. But treating others poorly around you won't make a difference. Things you consider fun might be life-threatening for others. 

Person of every caste, colour, race, religion is a part of you and me. None is placed above anything. All lives matter be it of a cow, an elephant or a person. You don't have any right to take any life even your own. All in your hand is to embrace it, live it, enjoy it, learn from it through good and bad times.

Just be a little more empathetic towards every individual including yourself. And Hey.. everything is going to be okay.

Yours truly,

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