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Taking Care Of Your Precious Jewellery

Taking Care Of Your Precious Jewellery

Every woman loves hoarding some classic pieces of jewellery. One cannot ever have enough of it, there is always new stuff or new trends that deserve a sweet spot in your jewellery collection. One should never shy away in going after their impulses to buy some good authentic pieces. (P.S if you are tempted why don't you go buy something here and return to the blog later)

Now since you have got some amazing evergreen pieces you need to make sure that they stay evergreen forever. You need to take really good care of them.

I am here to list some little tricks, some do's and don't in taking care of your jewellery.


You should clean your jewellery from time to time, from precipitation, water marks etc. To do so keep some things in mind.

  • Use mild soap (baby shampoo) mixed with water. 
  • Use a lint free cloth.
  • You can use baby toothbrush or Q tip.
  • Lemon and Baking soda work great on your oxidised and silver jewellery pieces.
  • Use lens cleaner or toothpaste.
  • The most important thing is to let your jewellery dry off completely and get all the cleaning agents removed. Water does much damage to it like, water  marks, loose gemstones, rust all can be prevented by blow drying.
  • Dry it with a hair dryer on a cool setting.


If you follow some basic rules after cleaning you might not have to clean it frequently.

  • Coat your pieces with clear nail polish to protect the finish from turning green or irritating your ear.
  • Remove before exercising or before doing anything sweaty.
  • Wipe your everyday pieces daily. 
  • Jewellery should be the last thing you put on after perfumes, lotions etc have dried.
  • Extreme temperature can affect the luster of your gems.
  • Avoid wearing your jewellery in swimming pools.
  • Try not to wear jewellery to bed.


Your precious pieces need some care while being placed in your jewellery box. It's essential to store them properly to increase the life of it.

  • Wrap your jewellery with butter paper/ lint free cloth to increase resistance from scratches and avoid breakage
  • Keep all your pieces in separate tic-tac, ziplock one piece per bag.
  • Remove the air before sealing as air components can have an affect.
  • Storey jewellery in air tight containers.
  • Never let your jewellery sit in a pool of water

If you keep this few things in mind you'll never have to worry about damaging or loosing your pieces.

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