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Spread Love as far as you can

Spread Love as far as you can

Valentine's is the day you let your loved ones know that they are loved. History has celebrated it as couples day only, but that is such a small percentage of love. Right? When our hearts are big enough to incorporate all the loved ones then why can't we celebrate with all?

Gift to someone who is really close to your heart, be it your mother who has devoted her life to you, your sister because let's be honest life would have been so boring without her, that special teacher who made you who you are and polished you for life, your grandmother who you rarely gift anything, that best friend who is a sister from another mother and don't forget your wife or girlfriend.

Gift each and everyone who has brightened your life in some special way or by just being in it. Show them your love and gratitude that you often forget.

Single this valentine? Why don't you pamper yourself? I Can't emphasize enough the importance of self-love, this is something we all know but still, forget or neglect to apply to our daily lives. Promise yourself that you won't forget to love yourself as a person because who loves herself first is capable of giving more to their loved ones.

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