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Micro wedding jewellery approved checklist

Micro wedding jewellery approved checklist

There has been a big massive change in each and every industry, most people are looking and paying attention to the bad things. But there's one good thing that has happened to all of us yet no one appreciating- that is that our society's demand to Show-off is off our shoulders.

There is no one pressuring anyone, subconsciously and it's a great thing. Like in the wedding industry- No more big fat Indian weddings, saving a lot of money. If someone wants to have a big lavish celebration go ahead and wait for better times, but somehow it didn't remain a choice but an obligation to be fulfilled not for the bride and groom but just to keep society's mouth shut and to top someone else.

With these regulations on public gatherings being reduced to no more than 30-50 people, marriage functions have been reduced to one party just for the family, because we all know, no outsiders can fit in this small number. So when you get your invitation to your cousin's wedding make sure you have your jewellery ready amongst other things. Some great versatile Amberly pairs which would be perfect for such occasions are

Four-layer stonework bracelet

Ethnic Jaipuri designer necklace with pearls

Enchanted Square Necklace with Pearl Drop

Abstract web earrings

Afghani dangle earrings

Get these or anything else from our wedding collection.

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